Conseil Cri de la santé et des services sociaux de la Baie James

  • Salaire : De 84351$ à 109655$
  • Type de poste : Permanent
  • Ville : Chisasibi
  • Expérience requise : 3 ans
  • Statut : Temps plein

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Description du poste


Reporting to the Director of Support Program for the Autonomy of Seniors (SAPA), the Coordinator oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and overseeing activities related to the elders’ home.


The incumbent also provides leadership in the development and evaluation of all clinical activities to achieve integrated and complementary services.


She/He ensures the line management of the human, material, financial and information resources of the range of services and programs within her jurisdiction.


The incumbent collaborates with the regional Support Program for the Autonomy of Seniors team and contributes to the planning and development, implementation and evaluation of activities for the current and future long-term care facilities in the territory, including engaging external partners.



  1. Ensures an optimal, safe and quality service offer to residents and families by prioritizing a humanist approach.
  2. Oversees the development, implementation and supervision of activities for delivery of clinical programs and services at the elders’ home.
  3. Oversees the elders’ home staff/functional role for clinical programs and staff supervision, standards of quality, standards of practice, and the implementation of the quality assurance and risk management programs.
  4. Oversees the operational levels of planning, implementation, supervision, control, cultural safety, quality assurance, risk management.
  5. Ensures preparedness for the implementation of the organization’s emergency and pandemic plans.
  6. Ensures that the programs and services provided respect the principles of Miyupimaatisiiun and are based on respect and autonomy of individuals and communities; ensures that service delivery of programs and services utilizes Cree culture and tradition, a community-based approach and responds to the health and wellbeing needs of the clientele.
  7. Assumes judicious and rigorous management of human, material, financial and information resources for its service.
  8. Collaborates with members of the management team to promote a dynamic, participative organizational climate conducive to continuous improvement quality, efficiency and effectiveness, while targeting performance standards.
  9. Coordinates work schedules, replacements and links with the recall list and Human Resources and communications, manages surpluses and surcharges to minimize their use.
  10. Ensures the continuity and control of the quality and quantity of the care provided to the residents of its site (day, evening and night).
  11. Organizes work in an approach promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, with a view to harmonization and integration, through a participatory approach.
  12. Ensures the follow-up of the performance of its sector according to the management agreements and the agreed targets and proposes solutions in order to reach these targets.
  13. Respect and enforce the policies, procedures, legal obligations, regulations and protocols of the establishment, employer-union agreements and administrative rules prevailing in the health and social services network.
  14. Supports the coordinator of human resources development in the establishment of training programs for various job titles operating at the elders’ home.
  15. Collaborate with all required departments (material resources, programming and planning for example) for the planning and development of any projects related to its services.
  16. Provides leadership in the process of continuous improvement of clinical processes, from the approach of residents with symptoms predominant behavioral and psychological dementia (BPSD) or exhibiting inappropriate behaviors, in order to ensure sustainability and the harmonization of clinical processes
  17. Carries out any other function at the request of the supervisor.




Education and experience:

  • Bachelor degree in a profession related to the health and social services sector;
  • Three (3) years’ experience in service/program planning, management or supervision that includes clinical experience with elderly people with loss of autonomy;
  • A certificate in management is an asset;
  • Member in good standing of his/her professional order is an asset.


Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Good knowledge of the MSSS and Quebec Public Health programs, laws, regulations, Network, orientations and trends especially for community health, protection, promotion and prevention;
  • Excellent knowledge of the challenges related to an aging population and the impact on services;
  • Good knowledge of clinical services practice, current issues and trends, and program planning, supervision and quality assurance systems;
  • Knowledge of the strategic management of: health programs, integrated programming, professional and organizational interdependence, information management, and evaluation;
  • Ability to deal with pressure and respect of deadlines, to propose solutions to improve accessibility, quality and continuity of customer services as well as work organization in order to contribute to updating the continuum services in a context of labor shortage;
  • Good knowledge of interdisciplinary team functioning and leadership;
  • Knowledge of, or ability to grasp the issues and context related to First Nation health and social services;
  • Ability to apply Eeyou (Cree) culture, values, traditions and teachings into programs and services;
  • Excellent critical thinking, planning and organizational skills as applied to planning;
  • Results-oriented, autonomous, flexible, and ability to multi-task;
  • Ability to both manage the planning and development of new programs, and the maintenance and quality assurance of existing programs;
  • Experience in project management;
  • Good knowledge of operational planning, organization and coordination, budget planning and financial management and; human, material and information resources management;
  • Good record and experience in a clinical field including relevant experience with elderly people with loss of autonomy;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, leadership and respectful teamwork skills;
  • Excellent communication skills, both for written and oral presentations;
  • Team player and great ability to maintain quality interpersonal relationships with colleagues, partners and clients. You are concerned with promoting teamwork and calling on your partners to achieve the objectives of the accommodation management.
  • Serve as a positive role model for staff and clients;
  • Good ability in administrative and statistical computer applications;
  • Knowledge of Cree culture is an asset.



  • Fluent in English;
  • Fluency in Cree and/or French is an asset;
  • Ability to read French is an asset.



  • Includes on-call periods;
  • Willing to travel occasionally.


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